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Open Source Controls Services

Open Source Controls is a systems integration and full service controls company dedicated to bringing cutting edge yet functional technology advantages to building owners and operators.

HVAC Controls

Traditional HVAC controls are the heart and soul of building automation, and a significant portion of the buildings we see have enormous opportunities for energy cost savings through often simple changes.  In addition to reducing building operating costs, a mature BAS should provide enhanced mechanical diagnostics and maintenance for facilities staff, property managers and mechanical service providers.  Controls, when implemented properly, should provide:

  • Energy cost savings
  • Maintenance cost savings
  • Optimized service calls
  • Longer equipment life
  • Centralized scheduling and control
  • Remote/mobile access
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Building system insights and trend analysis
  • Increase building asset valuation

Cameras and Access Control

With the power of Niagara, we install and integrate these systems into the user interface to make building automation system a one-stop-shop for those tasked with managing the building. The benefits of doing this include:

  • Reducing overall costs for the various automation systems in a building
  • Simplifying a building’s construction planning
  • Having fewer subcontractors
  • Providing a single login and user interface for property managers, owners and facility staff
  • A unified alarming and warning system
  • Full camera and NVR integration using Milestone

Lighting Control

Lighting energy costs in a facility can be a close second to HVAC and is less complex to control. Simple scheduling alone will often save big money. The planning and engineering phase of construction is the best time to decide on lighting controls, but another good time is during a conversion to LED bulbs and ballasts. The benefits of lighting controls include:

  • Saving money of lighting energy costs
  • Scheduling lighting
  • Centralized control of lighting
  • Customized lighting scenes and lumen levels for lobbies, conference rooms and classrooms
  • Daylight harvesting to improve mood and reduce energy costs

Energy Metering

Allocating cost of energy in a facility is especially important for owners with multiple tenants and/or disparate consumers of energy in a facility.  The primary benefit of energy metering is accurately and fairly allocating energy cost to each tenant or user of a facility.  These meters can be tied into to the BAS to allow for customized billing, histories and trends of energy use and visibility into culprits of high energy costs.  The benefits of energy metering include:

  • Isolating energy consumption by user/tenant
  • Isolating large or out of control energy consumption areas or equipment
  • Managing and comparing energy costs of a portfolio of buildings
  • Accurate and indisputable tenant billing
  • Tenants will often share in the cost of a more efficient building if they are invested in the cost of energy consumption