Open Source Controls

Nashville Master Systems Integrator

Open Source Controls is a systems integration and full service controls company dedicated to bringing cutting edge yet functional technology advantages to building owners and operators.

We pride ourselves on our user interface experience, approach to facility energy reduction and top quality support and service. Our team embraces the concept of integrating a building’s various operating systems into a single user interface using the power of the Niagara platform. We partner with property owners, property managers, facilities staff, engineering firms, mechanical contractors, school districts, churches, industrial groups and government entities to offer a broad range of customized solutions to building automation.

We Partner With:

Property Owners

Property Managers

Facilities Staff

Engineering Firms

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School Districts


Industrial Groups

Government Entities

Covid-19 Solutions

At Open Source Controls, we pride ourselves in scientific, data driven analysis of methods for inhibiting or stopping the spread and replication of the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus. Primary solutions include ionizing supply or return airflow, hospital grade filtration systems, UV lighting, and even altering the outside air cycles for a facility to introduce significantly more fresh air. Stagnant, unventilated, untreated areas of a building are prime locations for the transmission of the virus. Open Source Controls offers one of the only systems proven to kills SARS-CoV-2 as certified in laboratory testing. Please contact us to speak with us about these systems.